Contact Us collects data for companies. We allow marketing, insights, product development and polling teams to access our network of trained data collectors (50,000+) across 30 markets to conduct face-to-face survey interviews. Data Collectors use our mobile application that tracks their location and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to check the plausibility and quality of the data collected. The data is then graphically represented on our client's insights dashboard in real-time.

What is the Incentive Programme?

The Queritel Incentive Programme is a partnership between and companies where purchases electronic gift cards from partner companies and provides them in a marketplace of rewards to respondents in our face-to-face surveys.

Key Benefits

  • Supercharge your current incentive programmes 
  • New Marketing Channel
  • Access new customers in new locations
  • Get more people to try out your products or services
  • Incentivize actual and potential customers to try out specific products or services
  • Personalized, in-person method of distributing your gift cards to targeted demographics
  • Provide your own incentives when doing face-to-face surveys with

Key Notes

  • Per country, we conduct hundreds of face-to-face surveys each year
  • On average each project reaches approximately 600-1000 respondents
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